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Let's Get Beautiful with Beauty Keeper

Hi ladies~
It's time to share some of my favourite Beauty Keeper's products with you after trying them for almost a month!
Here are some of my favourite beauty products from Beauty Keeper! These are actually becoming staple products in my daily makeup routine for its natural and lasting effects. Let's go through each product ;)
Rosy Pink Moisture Dew
An innovative product that can be used in more than one area on your body! It is interesting to know that this tiny bottle of liquid is suitable to be used not just on the lips but also on areola and bikini line! Of course, I wouldn't recommend using the same bottle on all 3 parts of your body, so it's best to get a bottle for each area of concern. 
This helps to moisturise the area it's applied on and gives it a natural pinkish tone that can differ from person to person depending on each person's body temperature.
Here's a swatch of it!
The cool tone pink is suitable to be used on its own when applying on lips or used as a lip balm before applying lipsticks to keep your lips moisturised. I love how the ingredients in this are mostly organic and it does help to keep my lips soft and moisturised throughout the day. I would recommend reapplication after food as lip balms like these are not meant to be that lasting but overall this will be something that I will recommend to my friends :) 
Starsuki Brow Matters Makeup Kit
Makeup products with nice packagings receive higher ratings even before I try it and this is one of them, I like the ribbon pull out drawer which kinda reminds me of magicians pulling stuff out of hats.
The shade I received was in 01, which I was initially afraid that it will be too light for my skin tone but it turns out there's 3 shades: 2 powder and 1 gel-like dark brown shade, which can be mixed to achieve the ideal brow colour.
The colours are rather pigmented as seen in the swatches above and are easily buildable if you want a stronger colour for night makeup or if you just love strong brows. The product is rather lasting too, I don't do any touch ups in the day and it can last me till I get home in the evening.
Userim DD Cream SPF50 
My holy grail product! This is seriously one of the best foundation/base product that I have ever used. I'm sure many of you would have heard of BB and CC creams by now. DD cream is something that is new to me and I learnt about it through Beauty Keeper. In this case, DD stands for daily defence and the name of it does sound more like a skincare rather than a makeup product. I think this concept is similar to complexion cream that is gaining its popularity in Singapore in the recent months for its skincare properties and the lightweight coverage it provides.

Personally, I like this better as it has high sunscreen protection, lightweight coverage, oil control and how long lasting it is. I am using this on a daily basis and it doesn't clog up my pores like most base makeup products do and the fact that it finishes matte is like a dream come true. I have terribly oily tzone and dry cheeks (typical combination skin type) and this DD cream help to control the oil for up to 6 hours and at the same time keep my cheeks area moisturised. I still can't get over how awesome this is every single time I apply it. It is that good!
Plus, this dispenses out in a pump bottle which is easy to control the amount of product needed and is more hygienic as compared to pacts. There is only one shade at the moment but I feel like this does adjust to your skin colour slightly, similar to CC cream's concept so not to worry if you're thinking about buying this. FYI, I'm shade 23 for most Korean makeup products. 
Starsuki Super Perfect Remover Pen
Alright, this wasn't shown in my main picture but this is another one of my favourites in Beauty Keeper's Haul. How many times have you applied and re-applied eyeliner or lipstick more than you actually need just because the line is slightly off and you just want to cover it up? For me, it's almost every single time I apply my makeup. 
I admit I am more clumsy than most and I have shaky hands so q tips kinda became my best friend until this came along. There are two sides to this product.
A sharp felt tip to remove any eyeliner/eyebrow errors
& a thicker concave like tip that helps to remove lip liner/lipstick errors
Essentially it's like q tip soaked with makeup remover but in a pen-like form. A much easier and convenient option that works just as it is described. I have been reaching out to this a lot and each time it saved me from overdrawing my eyes or lips. The formula of this is mild so it doesn't irritate my skin or delicate eye area. 
Here's a makeup look using:
Userim DD Cream SPF50 
Starsuki Brow Matters Makeup Kit

These products were used in the day for work and when I had to attend an event at night, all I had to do was blot away the oil, add on concealers to cover my eye bags and do some eye makeup. I saved time on foundation and brows because the products used were that lasting. I'm impressed with both its lasting power and how it doesn't make my face look cakey or like an oil blob by the end of the day. This is something that I have been doing in the recent weeks to turn from day to night makeup. 

Thanks Sample Store and Beauty Keeper for sharing such awesome products from Taiwan and allowing me to try them :) 
For more information about Beauty Keeper and how to get your hands on these products, please visit their websites at the links below!

Beauty Keeper



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