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Review: Ecotools Bamboo 5pc Brush Set

I've always had the impression that makeup brushes aren't as essential as what beauty shows make them out to be. They are usually pricey additions to one's makeup stash if you want quality brushes that lasts. It wasn't until late last year that I decided to get my hands on a set to see the difference it makes. So here's my first makeup brush set from Ecotools!
Ecotools is one of the more affordable brands for cruelty-free makeup brushes, making it a good choice if you're just starting out. The set I bought is Ecotools Bamboo 5pc Brush Set, which comes with 4 brushes and a pouch. The brushes included are:
`Mineral powder brush
`Concealer brush
`Eye shading brush
`Mini kabuki

A good mix of brushes with pouch that is good for carrying around for touch ups or even on trips. The bristles of each brush is soft and not overly dense,
This mineral brush is good for applying powder and blusher, picking up the right amount of product and to even out the overall look. There wasn't any fallout from initial wash too.
My favourite of the lot, I can't emphasize how much I love this concealer brush! I have always applied concealer with my fingers and I find that it looks cakey after a couple of hours. With this concealer brush, my concealer now blends in flawlessly without looking cakey, maybe just one touch up throughout the day. The only gripe is the bristles being a tad too stiff, so when I use it under my eyes, I have to be extra gentle otherwise I will feel like it's jabbing into my skin.
This eye shading brush is really soft and of the right shape to help blend my eye shadows perfectly. It is also good for highlighting around the eyes and on the nose too. However it shed alittle on the initial wash and when I applied my eye shadows. Hopefully it will last me for an least a year!
Last but not least, the mini kabuki brush. It is cute and I find that it works the same as the mineral brush. But this might take a few more swirls on the powder to pick up sufficient product for application, overall it does alright.

Though there are some negative points here and there, this brush set still make a good choice for beginners to try and slowly build up their brush collections from there! If you are on the lookout for travel brush sets, perhaps you could give this a shot too. I find that the brushes included in this set is sufficient for normal day-to-day makeup.

I'm on the lookout for more affordable makeup brushes so if you know of any that I should try, do let me know ;)


  1. Seems good to use! This is the one from Watsons ya? :)

    1. Hi! Watsons do carry this brand but I got mine from Luxola :)


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