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Review: Owndays PC (Blue Shield) Lenses

A few months ago, I posted a guide & review on Owndays Singapore and mentioned that I would like to get PC lenses with them as well as do a pair of eye glasses in Korea/Japan and I did both! Now I have 3 pairs of spectacles which is alittle too much. Oh well, at least I don't have to worry about not being able to see if I were to lose one pair of spectacles! 
Today I'll be reviewing on their PC aka blue shield lenses. They seemed to be emphasizing more on this type of lens lately and I didn't find a review on this so I decided to be the first to start. Owndays PC lenses come with a slight tinted brown colour and blue coating. The purpose of these lenses is to cut down a certain amount of blue light that is being emitted from electronic devices such as computer, mobile phones, TV, etc. 
(Picture credited to Owndays Singapore)
You might be wondering, what is blue light and why do we emphasis so much on it now?
Blue light is a type of light that is blue in colour(like duh.) with short wavelength, detectable by human eye and it also has the highest energy wavelength of visible light. This energy can penetrate through eyes' natural filters and the effects of this blue light is accumulative so long term exposure might lead to eye diseases or even cause vision loss.

Blue light is not something new; it is the advancement in technology and increased reliance on the usage of these electronic devices that makes it a concern. The exposure to blue light is being increased daily and as mentioned earlier, it is accumulative and can cause permanent eye damage. You might not experience the effects of it now, but 20-30years down the road, would you still think the same way? More information on blue light can be found here.

Actually I didn't even know about all these until I decided to blog about PC lenses and Google for more information. Now I will make sure that I wear my PC lenses whenever I use my computer!
One more thing before I move on to the review, the prices of their new PC frames with lenses are pretty confusing and I noticed a few customers mentioning that on their Facebook page so here's a simple guide as to how they calculate the final price of PC lenses with/without degree.
(Picture credited to Owndays Singapore)
I just had to use my favourite colour as an example, so all the new Ultem PC frames come with PC lenses of 0 degrees at the cost of $60. I wished they could have made things easier by stating the prices online to save the trip of going down then finding out the price difference. Even I was confused with the pricing when I first saw it, the information online was rather limited, one had to clarify with the sales assistants for the final price.

The price difference and amount you have to top up is dependent on the type of frame and lenses you choose. It is treated as lens replacement in this context. For example, ON2011 frame, which is under Ultem PC frame collection, you have to top up $98 for clear lenses (1.6 index) or add another $100 to it for either PC lenses(1.6 index/1.67 index) or clear lenses (1.74 index).

In case you're wondering, 1.6 / 1.67 / 1.74 indexes are the thickness of the lenses (the higher the index, the thinner the lenses), usually if your power is above 400 degrees, they would recommend you to take 1.67 index. I think the price is pretty straightforward after I did up that image so if you need any further assistance, you can visit their shop or leave a comment below :)
Back to my review, as you can see in the images, the PC lenses are more reflective and has a brownish tint which is rather uncomfortable when I first wore it. Frankly speaking, I didn't like it at first because the lenses are darker and it gave me a headache for 1-2 days. I threw it aside for about a month or so, until recently I decided to give it a chance and I tried it on again. This time I ignored the initial headache that lasted almost a day and I got used to it after 3 days or so.

Once my eyes are accustomed to PC lenses, I find that my eyes doesn't feel as tired or strained as compared to the past when I used computer for long hours. The brownish tint in the lenses helped to reduce glare and improve the contrast of the electronic devices which in turn relaxes my eyes. I did switch back to clear lenses to evaluate and the difference can be felt within a couple of hours of using my computer. Now I can't do without my PC lenses whenever I blog or read ebook because I can really feel a significant difference and after reading all those articles on how blue light damages ones' eyes scared me. I still wish to see when I'm older :x
As good as it sounds, there are still some disadvantages, one of it being reflective, not recommended to wear this when taking pictures, chances are your eyes will be covered by that blue coating. Also, one of my friends actually fell when she worn these lenses out in the day. I don't really know how to explain this but somehow the blue coating of the lenses reflect the sunlight in a way that your vision can be blur at a certain angle. It doesn't happen with clear lenses.

Maybe we are just the rare few that has such problems with PC lenses, but overall, once you're used to it, you should do it fine with it!


  1. Hi, I just bought owndays PC lens(with degree) recently. Still couldn't get over the fact that things look yellowish/brownish, esply white coloured objects(blue-light blocking).

    Did u switched back to clear lens glasses?
    I want to protect my eyes but I also want to get the correct colours(like clear lens). Heard that owndays can change the lens within a month of purchase but the $100 will be forfeited.

    1. Hi! Sorry for the late response, I got used to the tinted lenses and the slight colour difference doesn't affect my daily activities so I'm still using PC lenses on a regular basis. If it's hard for you to get used to, maybe you can make another pair with clear lenses and alternate between the two instead of just replacing the lenses? That way you can protect your eyes when you're in front of the computer and not waste the PC lenses though it will be more pricey. I feel it will be abit wasted to forgo PC lenses.

  2. Hi,

    Would people be able to tell if you are wearing pc glasses due to the tint? Thinking of replacing my normal glasses for pc glasses permanently.

    1. Hi Maggie, I think people who does use or have used PC lenses before would be able to tell that you've PC glasses on, otherwise they might just think that you're wearing normal glasses with a slight tint.


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