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#UnwrapTheFun at McDonald's New McWrap Launch Party

McDonald's will be launching more healthier choices starting this Thursday (14th August), these delightful new options would include Grilled Chicken McWrap, Spicy Chicken McWrap, Delight 500 and Garden Side Salad. If you haven't noticed, McDonald's has been constantly finding ways to update their menu to healthier choices, from the sunrise roll with wholegrain tortilla to wholegrain muffins for breakfast at no extra cost, it's time they launch new items for their lunch/dinner menu!

As more people are becoming health conscious and finding ways to cut down on unnecessary calories, McDonald's pay attention and takes into considerations such details to create healthier and more balanced meal options to cater to anyone and everyone. Well for me, I still prefer the "unhealthy" option of large fries, big mac and a cup of Sprite ;)
This new Grilled Chicken McWrap features crisp vegetables(green lettuce, purple cabbage, tomatoes, crunchy carrots), grilled skinless chicken patties, drizzled with chargrill sauce and wrapped in a warm wholegrain tortilla. The difference between this and Spicy Chicken McWrap will be the spicy chicken patty and mayonnaise sauce used.

I only managed to try the Grilled Chicken McWrap and I do love the freshness of the vegetables combined with grilled skinless chicken patty and a generous serving of the sauce. Plus, the packaging of the McWrap is convenient and good to eat it on-the-go. This will be good for those who are looking for a healthier option at Mcdonald's. However, this is not something I would order as a meal, maybe just for a snack or supper as it is hardly filling, I would need 2 of these wraps to be satisfied. That's probably the only good thing about me being skinny, no need to worry about calories :x
Moving on, Delight 500 is a set of meal options with calories 500 & under, featuring popular favourites such as Filet-O-Fish and McChicken. You can swap your fries to a corn cup/garden side salad and opt for Coca-Cola Light/Dasani Bottled Water at no extra cost!

If you want more greens in your diet, you will be happy to know that McDonald's will be adding Garden Side Salad to the menu, It features whole leaf lettuce, red and white cabbage, crunchy carrots, corn kernels and tomatoes, served with a delicious Japanese dressing. This would require a top up of $1.20 to change the side in your meal.

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Or you can calculate your McDonald's meal option with instant Nutrition Calculator at


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