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McDonald’s Shiok Shiok Satay Burgers

Wondering about the picture I posted on Instagram on Friday? Here's the post to share more on that! ;)

McDonald will be launching new burgers and this time it's featuring one of the famous Malay dishes in Singapore: Satay! Thanks to Omy and McDonald, I had the chance to be one of the first few to try out these new Shiok Shiok Satay Burgers.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the words used for McDonalds' new burger, "Shiok" is a singlish word that is an expression of satisfaction, an example of the word used in a sentence, "So shiok to have a cooling drink in such a warm weather." The reason behind this new launch is simply to celebrate being a Singaporean, cheers to that!

When I first got there, there was a fan(as seen in the picture above) placed on the table of each seat, and the fan is commonly seen to be used for fanning the satay. I was guessing something to do with satay, which is one of my favourite dishes and now combined with McDonald just makes it even better!
Here's a rather common sight if you happen to attend food tasting events...
Strawberry McFizz was served first followed by Shiok Shiok Beef Satay Burger, the drink is Sprite mixed with Strawberry sauce(same as the one used on sundaes) so there is bits of strawberry in it. I always enjoy having jelly or pearls in my drink so there's something to chew on while I enjoy my drink :) This drink is good for people with sweet tooth like myself.
McDonald's new satay burgers feature double pattied beef or skinless chicken with satay peanut sauce, onion slivers and cucumber slices. So unlike the usual satay we have outside, the meat aren't marinated with seasonings but the focus is more on the use of peanut sauce, onion and cucumber to bring out the similar taste of satay as a burger itself. For those who are new to the food: Satay, it is a dish of seasoned grilled meat on sticks accompanied with peanut sauce, cucumbers, onions and ketupat (rice cakes).

The beef patties may look a little dry on the outside but it is soft and chewy when I bite into it. The mixture of peanut sauce, onions and cucumber slices with beef is good, I felt like I'm actually having a bite into a stick of satay rather than a burger. The sauce may not seem to be generously spread in picture as the sauce is spread on the top and bottom parts of the bun. In future, I think I would actually request for more sauce to further enhance the taste!

Usually I hate onions in my burger or even when I am having satay, but the combination of the ingredients are so good and complement each other well that I didn't pick out any of the onions and finished the burger in a couple of bites!

Shortly after, we got to try the chicken version of this burger and as you can see, the chicken patty seems a tad smaller than product picture and the beef patty but it's alright. The juicy tender skinless chicken totally won me over when I first bite into it! Though the patty seems small, the flavourful taste of the mixture of peanut sauce, onions, cucumbers and tender chicken is filling and there isn't a moment that I stop to wonder about the size of the patty. Yes I know bigger is better, but this is just nice and if it isn't filling for a big eater, you can always get a banana pie or chicken drumlets to go with your meal :p

These burgers are so good that I ate one full beef burger and three quarters into the chicken burger on the spot! I could have finished both before the end of the session if I didn't keep taking pictures.
Anyway here's the banana pie, it has already been released, just look at all the yummy banana filling! Smooth on the inside and crispy on the outside! Do you know that the banana pie can be chilled for a different taste? I haven't tried it but there were people who tried that and love it, maybe you can try it too?
After our meal, we got to figure out this interesting Singlish crossword puzzle to test whether we are "true Singaporeans". Unfortunately I didn't manage to complete it, I guess I would need to brush up on my Singlish! :p
Both tastes equally good to me, so difficult to choose between the two! I shall be greedy and have both instead~

If you want to get your hands on these yummy burgers, it will be available in stores from 15th July onwards, and it is launched in celebration of the upcoming National Day. Do try them while they are available! The prices as follows:
Strawberry McFizz $2.70
Banana Pie $1
Shiok Shiok Beef/Chicken Burger $5.50 each(ala carte) or $6.60 each set(extra value meal).


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