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Review & Guide: Owndays Singapore

If you've been to Korea or Japan, you might have heard of getting a pair of spectacles done within the same day or even within minutes! Based on reviews I found online and through friends, it can cost less than $100 for a pair and I have been tempted to get mine done there ever since.

Earlier last year, Owndays decided to expand and opened its first shop in Singapore. To many, it was a relatively new concept to get spectacles within the same day but to me, it's like finally, I have a chance to experience it without having to travel!

A basic introduction to those who are not familiar with the store. Owndays is a brand from Japan that offers all-in-one price (frame + 1.6 high index aspheric lenses) at $98-$198. With 1,500 styles to choose from and processing time of 20 minutes, you can not only find a pair of spectacles to correct your vision but also change them according to different occasions.
(Picture credit to Owndays Singapore)
I love their open concept. Unlike most optical shops, Owndays display all their frames for customers to try without having to ask the staffs to open up shelves or displays. So much more convenient if you're just browsing at your own pace. Oh, and all the prices of frame + lenses are stated on the frame itself! Any additional prices are only for progressive, transition, polarised, PC, super/ultra high index lenses at $100 per option.

How to get a pair of glasses at Owndays?
1. Select the frame you like
2. Pass it to any staff and find out about the lenses you might need
3. Fill up your particulars
4. Wait for an eye check
5. Pay & Collect your glasses in 20 minutes or 2-3weeks!

So what is this post for?
For first time customers, you might want to read this before heading down to the nearest outlet to get your glasses.
1. Processing time of 20 minutes only applies to single-vision lenses which mean only for short sighted or reading glasses. & Provided your astigmatism is under 200 too.
2. If your astigmatism is above 200 or you need PC/progressive/transition/polarised lenses, be prepared to wait up to 3 weeks as all of their lenses are shipped from Japan.
3. All their lenses are from Japan, either Asahi (single vision, transition, polarised) or Seiko (progressive) so don't bother asking for Essilor or Crizal.
4. All lenses used are plastic lenses so if your degree is too high(over 1000+ degrees), you might want to consider getting glass lenses elsewhere (thinner but more prone to breakage)
5. If your degree is above 500, like mine is 475 and 575, be prepared to top up $100 for thinner lenses at 1.67 or 1.74, as 1.6 would be thicker and slightly heavier, not a nice view from the side too. Lol.

This is my first Owndays frame: OE2513, more of a rectangular shape that is similar to my old pair. I chose air ultem for its weight, flexibility and durability but kinda regretted my choice. I was in a rush that day so I just randomly selected one that looked similar to my old pair, which was a mistake. There were so many other choices, should have taken more time to consider! :(
My pair costs $278, $178 for the frame plus basic lenses and additional $100 for the super high index (1.67) lenses which are thinner so it's not exactly cheap if you have a higher degree.
(Picture created using:
I created a gif just for this xD I am still fascinated by the flexibility of the frame and no, I don't bend my frame for fun, I did this to show you all! It is indeed light even with my lenses. Before the lenses were fitted in, it is said to weigh 9.4g. Now with lenses, it is merely 19g! I find that wearing this doesn't leave marks on my nose bridge area and stays in place without slipping down as much as my previous pair.
There's something that you might want to take note, I only got to know this after Owndays posted it on Facebook. With reference to my specs, 52□17-138◯30 means:
“52” for the width of a lens
“17” for the width of a bridge
“138” for the length of a temple (arm)
“30” for the height of a lens
Most spectacle frames would come with these details so if you have trouble deciding on the size that would fit you, you can use this method too!

I'm planning to get another pair with PC lenses but wait till I save up or maybe when I visit Japan/Korea :)


  1. I just want to ask whether I will get my specs on the spot if my right eye is 300+ degree and my left eye is 100+ degree with astigmatism of 90 degree. Will it exceed my budget of $200?

    1. Hi, usually if degrees are under 400, 1.6 index would be sufficient for full frame. So it will be within $98-$198 range for clear lenses. As for astigmatism, it goes by 0.25 increments so I assume you meant 100, if that's the case, you can get it on the spot :)

  2. Thank you very much! I've gone around looking for owndays reviews and finally found 1 with very specific details! Thanks for your reply:)

  3. Hi, if my degree on the right is I think 425 and left is 100+, how much would the specs cost? Is $290+ enough?

    1. Hi,
      Sorry for the late reply! For the right with degree of 425, the staff would probably ask you to top up for 1.67 index lenses so the lenses on both sides would balance out. If you top up for one side, it will be additional $50 in addition to their range of $98 - $198. So yes, $290+ would be enough to get a pair of specs with clear lenses :)

    2. So..example if I want to top up $50, the frame cost $118. Total is 168?

  4. Hello,

    How are the spectacles lasting till today? Very curious as I'm interested to buy one from OWNDAYS but I'm very skeptical due to the bad reviews online. :/

    1. Hi! Sorry I've not been checking back as often. The specs I own is still holding up well as I hardly drop them, only thing is that it tends to get loose over time but it can be easily adjusted by visiting any of the outlets :)


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