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New Decoden Casing + Review: DAP Alex Plus Silicone Caulk

School just started recently so I would have lesser time to do these cutesy stuffs. I have to admit I'm kinda bad with time management; need to start doing up a schedule of some sorts real soon! To make up for my lack of time in the future, I decided to do a casing before school started :)

Now, let's get on with my post! Few months ago, I started with decoden as a hobby because it's much cheaper to do it yourself! These decoden products range anywhere from $20 - $100, shocking right? I actually went around shops to ask about the prices and refer to their designs then get it done myself at a much lower price. Plus, there's a sense of accomplishment once I'm done with a pretty casing :)

From what I know, there are 2 types of decoden, one that uses crystals with cabochons and the other that uses whipped cream with cabochons. The most recent casing that I did for myself is using whipped cream with cabochons.

Materials needed: Whipped Cream, Piping Bag with Decorative Tip and Cabochons

Whipped cream can be made too but it is time consuming and the outcome isn't as good as the ones you buy. Besides, the clay that is used to make the whipped cream tends to leave white marks when it's in contact with wet hands or water. I prefer using DAP Alex Plus Silicone Caulk or Japanese whipped cream that can be found online.

DAP Alex Plus Silicone Caulk costs $8.70 and can be found in Self Fix stores. I found this when I was goggling for an alternative to use as whipped cream. I like the packaging as it is easy for you to fix on a tip for piping without having the need to use a piping bag. It can take quite a while to dry and I prefer to leave it overnight to be safe. The end result is softer than clay, but still keeps all the cabochons in place, so if you're using a jelly cover, you can bend it slightly without worrying it might break. However, this does have a rather strong smell when using so it would be best to use it in a well-ventilated area!

As for the Japanese whipped cream, it works just like DAP Alex Plus Silicone Caulk but has a more pleasant smell and in this case, it smells like vanilla. I had to use a piping bag for this as the packaging doesn't allow one to use with piping tip.

For piping bags, you can get it cheap at Daiso! A pack of 16 pieces together with 3 piping tips for $2. It's so much cheaper than most shops I've been too. The quality is good, don't need to worry about it bursting halfway through and the piping tip is rather sturdy too.

I'm still brushing up on my piping skills so the outcome isn't the best but I'm happy with it. I shall do more soon that's covered with cabochons! Ending off with a close up :)

If anyone need more information on decoden cases and materials, feel free to leave a comment!



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