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Guide: Samsung Service Centre in Singapore

For all users of Samsung who has or has not been to the Samsung Service Centres in Singapore before, do read through this guide. I complied most of the important things that you should take note before visiting one. Hopefully this guide can help you save your time from traveling to & fro too :)

This is going to be a wordy post, I will try to add in some pictures soon? It's kinda troublesome to screenshot using my Ace 2, they should have an option to do screenshot without having to press the power button and home button all the time :/

After the closure of 2 collection stops, now there are a total of 4 service centres in Singapore. I'm hoping they will open another one in the East soon. Anyway, here are the 4 service centres:

1. Samsung Customer Service Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road #B2-23 Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839
Operating Hours:
10:00 am to 6:00pm (Mon-Sat)
10:00 am to 6:00 pm (Sun & Public Holiday)

2. Samsung Customer Service Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard, #03-325/326 Marina Square, Singapore 039594
 Operating Hours:
11:00 am to 9:00pm (Mon-Sun)
11:00 am to 6:00 pm (Public Holidays)

3. Samsung Mobile World (Jurong Point)
63 Jurong West Central 3, #B1-11 Jurong Point Shopping Centre Singapore 648331
 Operating Hours:
11:00 am to 8:00pm (Mon-Sat)
11:00 am to 5:00 pm (Sun & Public Holiday)

4. Samsung (One Commonwealth)
1 Commonwealth Lane #01-01, Singapore 149544
Operating hours:
10am to 7pm (Monday - Friday)
10am to 3pm (Saturday)
Closed on Sunday & Public Holidays

As for the other outlet, it is drop-off & collection point, which means no technical support onsite and the devices sent in there will be transported to One Commonwealth for servicing.

Samsung Mobile World (Century Square)
*Collection Centre Only* 
2 Tampines Central 5, Century Square, #04-02A, Singapore 529509
 Operating Hours:
11:00 am to 8:00 pm (Mon-Sat)
11:00 am to 5:00 pm (Sun & Public Holiday)
Closed w.e.f 17th November 2013

Samsung Mobile World (Causeway Point)
*Collection Centre Only*
1 Woodlands Square, #03-21 Causeway Point, Singapore 738099
Operating Hours: 11:00 am to 8:00 pm (Mon-Sat)
11:00 am to 5:00 pm (Sun & Public Holiday)

Closed w.e.f 30th June 2013

The difference between 1-3 and 4-5 is the days for them to provide repair/service to your device. If you send in your device at Plaza Singapura / Marina Sqaure/ Jurong Point, it takes 3 working days or less. But for drop-off & collection points: Century Square / Causeway Point, it takes 7 working days due to no technical support on site so the transportation time is factored in.
*Updated 1st July
There's been some changes lately, the drop off & collection point at Causeway Point has been closed down with effect from 30th June. Service centres at Plaza Singapura and Jurong Point no longer offer express services so the waiting time is an average of 3-5 working days. Now only the service centre at Marina Square offers faster service between 1-3 working days and there's more counters available so the queuing time is decreased too.

The drop off & collection point at Century Square still remains the same, taking 7 working days for the servicing of devices as there's no technical support on site so the transportation time is factored in.

Additionally, the staffs at Century Square are just in charge of registering your devices for repair/servicing and has no training on the technical issues of the Samsung devices. If you visit them to inquire on what is happening to your device, most of the time they will refer you to Plaza Singapura / Marina Sqaure/ Jurong Point / One Commonwealth or take in your device for repair/servicing. They are not trained to provide advice in terms of technical issues so can't give you an exact answer for this. It's important to note this if you require immediate assistance for your device to head down to the 3 main service centres.

One very important thing before sending in your device for servicing is to back up all your essential data such as contacts, documents, pictures, etc. All devices sent in will be reset to factory setting, meaning all the applications, contacts, pictures, documents, etc will be cleared from your device. It will be just like when you first bought it. The purpose behind this is to protect the personal information of the customers; think about it, if they repair your device without clearing all the data first, they can easily access private information which can result in identity theft etc, you wouldn't want that to happen right?

Here's the link that you can use to back up your data:

Now to the warranty, I know most people do not read the terms & conditions of the warranty (like me), so I will highlight some of the important points here to save your time going through the whole t&c.
1. All devices has 1 year warranty but the accessories that comes with the device such as battery, charger, sd card, stylus, usb cable, earpiece are only covered with 6 months warranty. Many people neglect this point on accessories so please take note!
2. Warranty cards must be filled in and sent to Samsung or completed with online registration within 7 days if not it is considered void. In this case, the staffs will either base on your contract/receipt of purchase or use production date stated on your device to determine when your warranty will end.
3. Impact damage (such as screen crack), liquid contact and tampered devices (eg. rooting/jailbreak devices, opening up the devices yourself) will all be considered out of warranty even if your device is still within the warranty period.

Questions & Answers
These are some of the problems encountered by some people, will add on from time to time.

1. My phone can receive calls, text messages and use mobile data but can't seem to call out. A white screen appears after I dialled the phone number.
Answer: In most cases, this is caused by Viber. You just need to go to: Setting - Application Manager - Search for Viber - Clear Defaults and everything will be back to normal. This happens as Viber wants users to use its app more frequently.

2. My phone lags, hangs and kept prompting that the processes has stopped.
Answer: This is usually a software issue, it might be due to corrupted files downloaded. For this case, you have to send in to get the software refreshed and I recommend to go to Marina Square as they have the equipment to do it in 2-4 hours.

3. I can't seem to open playstore, it just force close by itself.
Answer: In most cases, you might have accidentally changed the setting. You can try this method, go to: Setting - Application Manager - Under the heading All, scroll down right to the bottom - Click on Download/Download Manager then enable it and everything will be back to normal.

-Will update this from time to time when I have things to add on, in the meantime if you have any questions, you can either contact the Samsung Customer Service Hotline: 1800-726 7864 or leave a comment if it's a question regarding my post and I'll reply asap ;)


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the info. I juz bought my galaxy s4 on national day and it behaves very erratically. Camera function keep hanging and other apps as well like internet etc. Have to keep restarting the phone. After restart the phone,it will sometimes work for awhile for camera function and than hangs again...any idea what I should do? Go back singtel shop(3 days old) or Samsung service ctr? Thks

    1. Hi Jeff, have you tried factory reset? If it hangs alot, it's usually because of some corrupted files that you might have accidentally downloaded or received from friends that might affect the software. Factory reset might solve the issue; if it doesn't then a software reflash is needed(have to get this done at service centres- Plaza Singapura, Marina Square, Jurong Point or One Commonwealth).

      I'm not sure if Singtel still have exchange policy but from what I know, most of the time they will direct you to service centre to get it fixed.

      Hope this helps, thanks!

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  3. Great information for Samsung service center

  4. Thank you. It has been very useful (:


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