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Beyond Beauty Brazilian IPL

I'm posting this to prevent more ladies from falling for Beyond Beauty's gimmicks. They have been advertising on various coupon platforms for quite sometime and recently they came up with another deal - $145 for 12 sessions of Brazilian IPL.

Do not fall for it. Do not buy that coupon.
After several unpleasant experiences with services bought from Groupon, I have learnt my lesson; always google for reviews before buying a coupon, especially facial/hair/waxing coupons. I managed to find reviews on Flowerpod and through friends that they do not offer brazilian IPL as advertised, instead they provide bikini IPL and expects you to top up for the full treatment. This is false advertising and Groupon still feature their deals despite the complains. I wonder what they're thinking. Anyway if you see this blogpost, you get to save that $145! :p


Please scroll down and read the other reviews that some people posted too!
Those who have bought any coupons from Beyond Beauty, please email Angelica at as she wants to give a collective complaint to Groupon and other Deal sites about Beyond Beauty. 


  1. Hi. I bought the 3 session Brazilian IPL of beyond beauty from Groupon as well. The lady told me that they only apply 12 zaps each time for the 3 session IPL. And encourages me to sign up for 12 session for full IPL and whitening or 12 session IPL with stronger intensity light. I feel cheated.

    12 zaps? Seriously?? That's not Brazilian as u said.
    Wondering if anyone feedback to Groupon? They have refund policy right, j guess?

    1. Oh no! If only I posted this earlier then you wouldn't have to go through this!
      The people I know feedback this to Groupon already but they still post their deals. I have been seeing this deal since I don't know how many months ago :/
      And yes, Groupon will do a refund if you complain to them that it is false advertising, I did the same for some hair treatment deal a couple of months back. Hope you get back your money soon:)

  2. Thank you for posting that really. I am writing an email to groupon to ask for refund. I am sure there are still a lot of good deals out there but this deal is really a scam.

  3. I bought the 12 session and it only had 6 zaps. Pretty much paid for them to shave it off, like I can't do it myself?! The effect was shit and they require me to top up another $888 for 12 zaps and whitening. Their stories are getting "better". Utter bullshit. Any idea how I could get a refund? Do I write in to groupon?

    1. I can't believe they are getting worse even after all these complains! I believe you can still get a refund, but I think it's better to call them since you've been there for treatment already.
      Somehow I think Groupon ignores emails of people who have started treatment; previously I bought this hair treatment package (total of 5 visits), and after visiting once, I felt that it's a scam so I emailed Groupon about this and they ignored my email -.- It's not a big amount so I forgot about it after sometime.
      Anyway do call them soon for this refund! Hope you get back your money soon:)

  4. I should have google and read your post before I got scammed. I also bought a groupon deal S$128 for 15 sessions of Brazilian IPL at Dermis Beauty Wellness, located at The Bencoolen, Singapore. They told me Brazilian IPL means only the upper triangle is treated. If you want the inner thigh and lower triangle to be treated as well, it is S$98 per session + cooling mask S$38 per session. And I, being a novice, thought...well, since it is perm, it is worth I signed on the dotted line and paid S$2000 for 15 sessions there and then...I regretted so much! I called Musee later and got quoted for 12 sessions for $2166.40 (promotional price during Oct 2012)...I'm like, I'd rather pay a bit more for sth less painful...But what is done cannot be undone. Next time, GIRLS! Please don't be like me, a fool. Search for reviews before you pay. Groupon DON'T refund that easily...

  5. anyone knows if groupon really do refund?? how?? do they give it cash?? because i just bought this ipl and now im planning to refund it.. i shud read comments first before i buy:( i haven't undergo ipl can i stil refund to groupon?? pls help

    1. Hi, yes they will refund provided you haven't redeem the voucher and a reason to go with it. You can use the reason that Beyond Beauty is not providing the service they advertised for. It will be credited to your account, do email or call them about it soon! :)

  6. So glad that I googled for a review before buying this deal on Groupon, seems like it's back again! Thank you!

  7. Oh, my friend who went there was fuming after a few sessions with Dermis Beauty Wellness. Basically there is this China staff called Alice. Scolded my friend after my friend did not like the hard-selling. My usually mild friend decided to walk away, and Alice hurled more insults at her! So unbelievable.

  8. I'm posting this to prevent more ladies from falling for Dermis Beauty Wellness gimmicks as well! (or scams I would call it). They have also advertised on several coupons platforms and one of it is the 6/9/12 sessions of Brazilian IPL. Don't fall for it, don't buy as well!

    I bought a voucher from for 6 sessions for Brazilian IPL at Dermis Beauty Wellness recently. As stated in the voucher, it is meant to be Brazilian, meaning the entire area. If the company is only going to provide a bikini line service, then it should be written on the terms and conditions. False advertising. However, when I arrived for my first appointment, I was told by the China lady that it is only valid for 10 "zaps" per session and any additional "zap" would cost me $3. I was only informed about this just before my treatment, when I was already lying on the treatment bed. Initially, I told the lady that I will only go for 10 zaps in that case but the lady persuaded me that an additional 10 zaps would only cost me $30. With that, I thought that the whole treatment will only take 20 zaps and I agreed since it was quite affordable and Brazilian is such a small part. However, to my horror, I was told that a total of 51 zaps were done after the treatment! Of cos, the whole idea was not to make me pay ONLY for the 41 zaps, but to make me sign a package of "unlimited" zaps during the 6 sessions which costs $588!

    Thinking that I didn't want to purchase a whole package, I asked her if I can forego the remaining 5 sessions which amounts to a total of 50 zaps and use that to offset what I have done. She refused to budge and even raised her voice at me and demanded for the payment when I started negotiating with her for some time. I didn't want to argue with her anymore and paid $123 for that 1 session.

    I urge all the ladies out there to google before you purchase any of such deals. I have written to the company but has yet to receive a reply.

  9. Hi,

    Unfortunately, I am one of Beyond Beauty Groupon deal victims. It was a very big mistake on my part for not researching first before buying the Beyond Beauty Brazilian IPL Groupon. I shouldnt have trusted Beyond Beauty since I had a very bad experience with them in 2011 regarding booking massage appointment. They will always say that they are fully booked even if making the appointment a month before. And, once they hear that you are using "Groupon" their manner of service, tone of voice and availability for booking change.

    Back to the Brazilian IPL Groupon, I went to Beyond Beauty at Scotts Rd. for my first session yesterday. After the registration, they were convincing me to top up almost $800 to do an "overlap zap" and some additional treatments like whitening. I politely turned them down. Worried that I wont get a quality coverage of IPL, I clarified with them that if I dont top-up, will they still cover the whole brazilian area--they replied, "YES". However, I was so shocked when my IPL was over in less than 5mins! I also know that the lady didnt really cover the whole area because I can feel it. She was telling me that I should have topped up because it means that I only get about 25 "zaps" compared to 50 "zaps".

    I didnt get mad at the people inside the place but deep inside I was so furious and ready to call and complain to Groupon about my experience. Little did I know that a lot of us feel the same thing about Beyond Beauty Brazilian IPL Groupon.

    Anyways, I just got off the phone with Groupon Customer Service. I told them my experience and I also told them that I dont want a refund but I want a proper IPL service from Beyond Beauty. I also mentioned to them that there are a lot of customer complaints about this particular merchant in the internet. They said that they will do an investigation and will get back to me in a weeks time.

    A Tonkichi Coupon deal worth $15 for an original $30 Hiro set does not mean you get only half of the meal. You still get the full set meal worth $30 but paid only $15 for it...because IT WAS A DISCOUNT DEAL, RIGHT? THIS BEYOND BEAUTY IS A SCAM!

    I urge all the ladies who bought the deal to do the same thing...DO NOT TOP-UP. DONT ASK FOR A REFUND EITHER. DEMAND FOR A PROPER FULL BRAZILIAN IPL COVERAGE.

    I would like to call on all who feels the same way. Please email me at and I would like to give a collective complaint to Groupon and other Deal sites about Beyond Beauty.

    Thank you.

  10. Very bad experience with Dermis Beauty Wellness. Lots of hardselling and totally a scam! Pushy china people and bad service!

  11. I should have read for review first! Scam scam!!! I had 1st session today in tampines and i was so pissed to find out about 6 zaps per session if i dont top up! Are u kidding me? Why not mention it in groupon? Yeah why not i read about d review first errrrr

    1. Hi, do write in to Groupon about the hidden charges that's not stated on voucher, not sure if they will still issue refund since you used the first session already but you can try! :)

  12. Hi, I come from Europe and I just moved to Singapore. A few days ago I went to Dermis Beauty Wellness at Bencoolen St. for a massage session. Before having the massage I paid 38 SGD at the reception desk for a 30-minute session. During the session, the masseuse, a Chinese girl, kept talking all the time about various things but I couldn't understand everything because of her accent. Although she understood that her chinese-english was not clear to me she didn't stop talking. After finishing the session, a Chinese lady asked for additional 58 SGD. She claimed that since I had some extra treatment (I never asked for that) I should pay extra money. If the masseuse had told me in advance about that extra 58 SGD in clear english I would have definitely denied that offer. When I tried to explain to the Chinese lady what had happened so as to solve the misunderstanding she started shouting at me in a very rude manner in chinese (although she could speak english and she knew that I couldn't understand chinese). She also threatened me by calling the police saying that I wanted to steal them, and she didn't let me go. After a long time of argumentation I gave them all the money I had with me (12 SGD) in order to let me go. Based on my experience I am very disappointed with Dermis Beauty Wellness and I believe that the personnel lack of professionalism and respect towards customers. Reading other reviews it is quite obvious that they have invented many tricks so as to get as much money as possible from the customers. Next time I will definitely read the reviews before I go for another massage session. :)

  13. Probably one of the worst beauty chains! Staff often change their words are deals are signed. Total regret on signing up.
    Facial: ok. Horrible on one occassion.
    Massage: not impressive.

    Occassion 1: Signed up a facial package after Groupon deal with Kelly because she was ok and nice. Kelly said i can request for her the next time. Kelly was promoted, and do not handle facials anymore (according to her). Disappointment from one therapist to another.
    Occassion 2: Was cajoled to sign for a massage trial at a road show. Was told by Marie that I cannot request for a therapist (Road show consultant Sandy) says I could request for a specific therapist who was good for trial.

    Verdict: Would NEVER spend another dime on Beyond Beauty.

  14. A big NO to this place. NO Ethics, NO Service, NO Quality, NO right from the very beginning.. very hard selling. One of the staff name Alice is very rude and unprofessional.

  15. Pls inform if anyone knows the tel no. of Dermis Beauty Wellness. Their tel no.: 62380819 is no longer used, it's change to someone else. My package has not been fully utilised yet.


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