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Review: E.L.F. Essential Little Black Beauty Book in Cool

Let's talk about eyeshadow today! I bought ELF Little Black Beauty Book in Cool tones quite sometime ago and now I finally have the time to take pictures of the product and colours.
Product Picture taken from E.L.F.

What attracts me to this product is the number of colours it has and the size. This beauty book measures approx 4" x 5" with a soft cover and has 20 lip colours + 28 eyeshadow shades, which makes it great for travelling. I don't really like the lip colours so I'll just review on the eyeshadow for now :)

Cool tones have a range of green/blue/pink/purple and black eyeshadow, and being someone who love bright colours I chose this over the warm tones, consisting of neutral colours like gold/beige/peaches. As there's no separator between lippies&eyeshadow, I kept the covers of the original packaging which acts as a separator and prevent both from mixing together.

 Eyeshadow Shades (Under natural light)
Eyeshadow shades (Under room lighting)

This costs $15 in a local store I bought and it actually retails less than US$5 in US but I don't have anyone who can bring it in for me :/ Anyway, despite the affordable pricing, the quality is surprisingly good. It gives good pigmentation and is easy to blend together. I'm pleased with the fact that it lasts on my oily lids the whole day without fading(with the use of primer too). Plus, it comes with a tiny brush!

With the variety of shades included, I can play around with the colours and try out new looks. Love this alot! :D

Some pictures, with the use of shade 4&5. The colours are buildable, and I didn't use much so it will be suitable as day makeup.


  1. Heya , this is awesome :D may i know where did you get this from ? Thx ^^

    1. Hi! I'm sorry I must have missed out your comment!
      Here's the link I bought from: ;)
      Thanks for visiting my blog too ^^


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