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Review: BRAND'S® Essence of Chicken with Tangkwei

I hate having to go through that time of the month! Mood swings, fatigue, cramps, and so on. I'm sure many ladies out there dislike it as much as I do.

& I think I've found a way to get through the week less painfully; introducing...

BRAND'S® Essence of Chicken with Tangkwei is an extract of fine quality chicken in an easily digestible form combined with the goodness of quality Tangkwei. It is hygienically processed under high temperature to give its unique flavour and vacuum sealed to preserve its freshness.
Tangkwei or Dong Quai, is an excellent ‘blood herb' that has been used by Asian women for generations to help manage the physical stress of the monthly menstrual cycle. It promotes improved blood circulation, strengthening the body and relieving fatigue. Tangkwei is also believed to be beneficial in combating anemia and replenishing blood loss that occurs after childbirth or surgery. It is also high in iron, magnesium and vitamins B1, B2 and E.
BRAND'S® Essence of Chicken with Tangkwei is specially formulated for women who want to stay on top of everything they do, without being compromised by the discomforts of menstrual symptoms and other predicaments due to their monthly cycles. It helps women to continue being mentally, physically and emotionally confident at all times to perform at an optimum level they're truly capable of.
Recommended Consumption: One bottle daily

As stated in the pamphlet, it is recommended to consume a bottle of BRAND’S Tangkwei with Essence of Chicken (BTEC) daily for six consecutive days before your menstrual cycle.

One of the main reasons why I dislike this time of the month would be the cramps. Usually the first 2 days I would need to take pain killers as it can get overwhelming. There was once I almost fainted in public:( So when I chanced upon BRANDS facebook allowing fans to try Essence of Chicken with Tangkwei, which is formulated for ladies, I knew I had to try it.

Some people might not like the taste of essence of chicken, you can dilute it with warm water(eg: 50% water, 50% BTEC) which can help in easing the problems of cramps too. I remember my mum used to warn me about drinking cold beverages a week before the period as it can cause the blood to clot which results in cramps.

For me, I like the essence of chicken and have not problems with Chinese herbs so I drink it straight from the bottle at room temperature. If you're drinking straight from bottle like I do but prefer it to be warm, an easy way to do so would be: Fill up a bowl/mug with warm water and put the bottle in it for 10-15 minutes and voilà; warm essence of chicken for consumption!

As mentioned in the introduction, Tangkwei, a Chinese herb, help manage the physical stress of the monthly menstrual cycle, while promoting improved blood circulation, strengthening the body and relieving fatigue. After consuming this product for 6 consecutive days, the serious cramps which I had in the past seems more mild this time round and I only had to take pain killer for the first day. It may seem like a tiny improvement but I'm glad it did help me! In addition to that, I was more energized during work, did not feel the usual sleepiness. I would recommend it to be taken in the morning, even though the packaging states that it is suitable for any time of the day, reason being able to concentrate better at work and feeling more energized in addition to reliving the discomfort one might have.

Seeing all the benefits of BTEC, why not try it yourself? I am sure it will benefit you in some way like it did for me ;)


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