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Review: Coringco COC Eye Flower Eyelash Tonic

Eyelash tonics help to condition and nourish lashes, allowing them to be stronger, longer and fuller. Previously I used Etude House Dr Lash, and similar to mascara, I think it should be discarded in 3 months to prevent the growth of bacteria. Besides, my lashes didn't grow any longer after continuous usage.

After much research, I wanted to try DHC Eyelash Tonic but I heard that there are many imitations from China, hence I don't dare to get them online. So I decided to try another brand-COC, I can't find any reviews online but the images posted looks believable(Before&After images). And it is made in Korea.

Coringco COC Eye Flower 
Set Hair Tonic Eyelashes + Eyelash

EYE FLOWER is a stimulator essence designed to both beatify and nourish the eyebrows&eyelashes. This is for weak, thin or short brows and lashes. EYE FLOWER is a brand-new product from Korean high-tech formula containing natural cosmetic ingredients, essential proteins and vitamins. It stimulates your hair root of brows/lashes and nourishes them. It promise you a longer, thicker and richer lash.

I've been using this for more than a month now and it does help to give me fuller looking lashes! Though I find that it doesn't help much with the lengthening, I do have a few strands of top lashes reaching 11mm, which is great, hopefully it will increase more with continuous usage:)

As it's made in Korea, the instructions are all Korean so I assume it's the same as other eyelash tonics, use it twice a day, doesn't take me more than 10 minutes. I tend to apply slowly and maybe an extra coat after it dries, secretly hoping that it will increase my lashes faster. Haha. 

Each box comes with 2 separate bottles of tonic, one for eyelashes and one of brows; both bottles are filled to the brim so whenever I cap it, some excess would flow out. It's abit of a waste so I try not to cap it too tight. Anyway it has clear liquid and a slight scent which reminds me of baby products (eg. Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo). It is easy to apply, just like how you apply mascara and does not irritate my eyes - I accidentally poked with my eye with it a couple of times. Lol.

I don't know how to take close up photos of lashes without it going out of focus, will google and update with (after)picture soon! Overall, I find that this gives a better effect than the Etude House Dr Lash at a much cheaper price, highly recommended!  I'm planning to buy some more after I'm done with these!

*Update: I've used this for half a year so far and it doesn't really help to lengthen my eyelashes anymore, the max length is at 10mm for top lashes and 6mm for bottom lashes. However, it does keep my lashes looking healthy and slightly more in volume as compared to the past. I don't lose that much lashes after removing mascaras too, guess this helped to play a part in that :)

(Definitely repurchase!)


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