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Review - Daiso Meito Beauty Acerola Drink

As mentioned in the earlier posts, I will do reviews of products that I've bought from Daiso; hope it'll be helpful to those who intend to buy them ;)

Meito Beauty Acerola Drink.
A good source of collagen & vitamin C. I bought one in lemon flavour too, will try that after I have finished this packet.
Saccharides (sugar, glucose), Collagen Peptide, Powdered Fruit Juice, Powdered Royal Jelly, Citric Acid, Vitamin C, Flavors, Sweetener, Colours, Sodium Aspartate, Niacin

Additional Details
4 x 8g sachets per pack
Product of Japan
Interesting facts about Collagen
-Collagen makes up a substantial amount of the protein composition of our skin, bones, joints, muscles, hair, nails, ligaments, tendons, cartilage and blood vessels. 70%-80% of all proteins in the skin are collagen, and 70%-80% of the organic ingredients in our bones comprises of collagen, thus Collagen is deemed as nurturing essence for our bones and skin.

-Collagen in our body decreases gradually after the age of 20, and its degradation will lead to aging skin, including wrinkles, rough skin, dull complexion, sagging skin, and pigmentation. At the same time, the degradation will lead to pathological change of bone, such as osteoporosis, joint stiffness, arthralgia, water retention in the joint, etc.

More information can be found here.Back to the review, I was attracted by an ad on one of the Daiso shelves(they usually promote popular selling products in that way!) but I can't find any reviews on this product so I decided to buy this and try it out myself. The nutritional information posted here are based on what google translate gave as the information at the back are all in Japanese.

Meito beauty acerola drink contains 200mg of collagen, 100mg of Vitamin C & 5mg of powdered royal jelly in every 8g and it costs $2 so it's pretty affordable for someone who wants to try out beauty drinks -like me:p It comes in 4 sachets per pack and each sachet contains light pink crystals-like powder(as seen in the last picture). It can be mixed with 120ml of warm or cold water for consumption.

The drink tastes alittle sour and nothing like cherry. I can't really put my finger to the taste of it but it wasn't unpleasant. I think it's abit like sour plum? In case you're wondering what acerola is, it's a fruit that resembles cherry and it's high in Vitamin C, which explains the 100mg of Vitamin C. ;)

I've been drinking this for a month; there's not much improvement to my skin, maybe because the amount of collagen is quite little. However, when I stopped drinking, I realized there's slightly more pimples even though it's not the time of the month. Maybe it's due to other skincare product or this product does help alittle, I guess I will drink whenever I remember. Haha.

[Update on Meito Beauty Lemon Drink]
The smell of this stinks! It's worse than the smell of lemon dishwasher :(
I'm glad I only bought one packet for this! The taste is just like lemonade but I can't stand the smell of this, I doubt I'll buy this flavour again.

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