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Review - Tony Moly Maxi Power Shiny Foot Peeling Liquid

Maxi Power Foot Peeling Liquid is an upgraded dead cell exfoliation treatment for the foot. With plant extracts that help with foot hygiene and itchiness, the Maxi power Foot Peeling Liquid will make the skin of your foot supple by removing thick layers of dead cells and preventing them from building up. And with components such as glycerin and betaine, along with aloe vera juice, and excellent skin moisturizer, the Maxi Power Foot Peeling Liquid will provide moisture and nourishment to your fee. It also controls sweat and suppresses odour. It keeps the foot as smooth and soft as a baby's.

• Special foot masks with skin smoothing & moisturizing ingredients present fresh and supple feeling on the foot's skin.
• Pack Size - 25ml x 2
1. Put Maxi Power Foot Sheets on your feet.
2. With scissors, cut open the pouch containing the peeling liquid along the dotted lines and pour the liquid into both sheets (25 ml each)
3. Keep both sheets on your feet and wait until your foot skin absorbs the liquid (it takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours)
4. After waiting for about 1 to 1.5 hours, take off the sheets and wash your feet until the peeling liquid is thoroughly rinsed away. Dry your feet after washing.
5. In 4 to 6 days, the dead cells will naturally start falling off from your foot. DO NOT try peeling them off forcefully. Wait until all the dead cells naturally fall off, then you will feel no irritation or discomfort. You will have smooth and soft feet in about two weeks.

Retail Price: $15 (Not too sure about this!)
Amount I paid: $10

I saw this product on sale(who could resist sales:p), plus I had been looking for solution for my callus problem. I decided to get this to try after looking through positive reviews of the first version: Tony Moly Shiny Foot Peeling Liquid. This is an improved version which claims to have these benefits: removal of dead skin cells + itch relief + deodorizing + refreshment from fatigue.It took about 1 week to reach me and I tried it the very same day I received the parcel! My feet had thick callus (refer to the above picture) and I’ve wanted to get rid of them badly. Each box includes 2 packs of liquid + 2 socks.
The liquid is clear, gives a cooling and refreshing feeling after soaking my feet for 1.5 hours. Just to add, even though the design allows one to tie to your feet and move around during the wait, it's not advisable. One of the plastic socks had a small hole and started leaking after I moved around the house(probably 5-10 minutes?) Besides, I walked carefully! :(
It took roughly 4 days before the peeling starts; bits&pieces of the dead skin can be seen in my shoes and on the floor, it was disgusting. Lol.
*Sorry I forgot to take "after" picture!

Overall, I think this product is great, it took about 8 days for the whole peeling process to be completed. And it does what it claims, now I have smooth feet! Hope it lasts:)

By the way, I don't think it's recommended to use more than twice a year. The peeling process(like a snake shedding its skin) gives new set of skin to one's feet but you wouldn't know if there's any side effects if you use this too frequently! You can buff or apply moisturizers to prevent callus from happening too often! :)

Straight to the point - for those who are lazy to read everything :p
[What I like about it]
✔ Affordable price for a product that works
✔ Easy to use
✔ Help to relax your tired feet; cooling and refreshing feeling

[What I dislike about it]
✘ The peeling process (recommend to wear socks during that period of 7 days)
The callus problem came back in just 1-2 months :/

(Will repurchase)


  1. I bought this kind of peeling from another brand (Cogit) and my calluses also came back in around 2 months. But Cogit says it is recommended to repeat the process every 3 months. I will keep doing it and hopefully will get rid off definitely of cracked heels. Anyway, it is cheaper than a pedicure.

    1. Thanks for the info, shall lookout for this!:)


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